Complete PHP from Scratch for Beginners

Build your career as PHP Back-End Developer with this Course...

This course is for Absolute Beginner who wants to become PHP Developer....

Download 200+ PHP Source code used in this Course ......

Learn PHP 10X times faster with Examples, Exercises, Assignments, Blogs and Quiz ......

Complete Hands-on and Practical PHP Code for every topic in PHP ......

16+ hours of PHP Training fully focused on Writing and Learning PHP Code ......

$ 50.00

How to Teach Mother Tongue?

This course is for multilingual/ diverse/ multicultural parents who live in abroad. This course will inspire, educate and empower parents why they should teach mother tongue to their children. Also a practical guide for parents, how they can teach mother tongue to their children in a fun & easy way in their daily life naturally!

$ 20.00

Easy way to learn the basic principles of accounting


This course will teach you the basics and fundamentals in Accounting. It has been designed along those principles to give you the best chance possible of becoming a subject expert.

What you'll learn

·         Understand debits and credits

·         Understand the double entry system

·         The 5 account types: assets, liabilities, owner's equity, revenues and expenses

·         The true nature of each account type...etc


$ 5.00


This course is for Multicultural Parents how to teach mother tongue to their kids.


Prabashi Bangladeshi & Bangla

An informal Group Discussion with Bangladeshi Parent in Overseas.